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At Ihsan Learning Academy, we provide virtual Quran classes & courses on Islamic character development, for both adults and children.

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Quranic Mastery

Our Quranic Mastery program is designed to take students through a 3 step process from complete beginner to mastery of the Quran.

Level 1

Rules of Articulation

Level 2

Quranic Recitation

Level 3

Quranic Memorization

Islamic Essentials

The Islamic Essentials Program’s objective is to focus on instilling a solid Islamic foundation, love for Allah (swt), and his Prophet Muhammad (saw). Some of the topics your child will learn are as follows:


Islamic Character & Conduct


Narrations of the Prophet (saw)


Life of the Prophet (saw)


Islamic Jurisprudence


Islamic Theology


Daily Supplications

Quran Revision

After completion of our Quranic Mastery program, it is crucial for students to preserve what they have memorized by reciting to a teacher consistently.

Tajweed For Adults

Our Tajweed For Adults program is a curriculum designed to assist working adults and college students to perfect their Quranic recitation.

Why Choose ILA?

Qualified Instructors

We provide qualified instructors who understand & relate to the youth

Condensed Class Rooms

Students are grouped in condense sized class rooms for personalized learning

Custom Students Portal

Parents can track their child’s progress with quizzes, exams, and monthly reports

Flexible Timings

We provide flexible timings for online students at Ihsan Learning Academy

Certificate of Completion

Students are awarded with a certificate upon completion of their respective course

Easy Accessibility

Students can learn from anywhere in the world and connect with their teacher

How To Get Started

Get In Touch

Start by contacting us in order to receive a free assessment regarding enrollment options for you or your child.

Enroll In A Recommended Program

Once you’ve received a free assessment, enroll in a recommended program using our dedicated student portal.

Begin Classes With An Instructor

Students will receive login instructions, a course schedule, and syllabus details to being classes with an instructor!

What Our Students Say

Naeem Akram

Sterling Heights, MI

My children love Ihsan Learning Academy. Everything is carried out very professionally. The teachers create an engaging classroom that makes the student want to keep learning. If I ever have any question, it is very easy for me to access the teacher and communicate with them. Also, the teachers are very kind and passionate about teaching their students.

Ismail Saeed


The teachers do an amazing job keeping students engaged throughout the class. My kids are motivated to learn and have come so far in their Islamic education thanks to the ILA team!

Muhammad Amir


Teachers understand and tailor their approach towards every individual student according to their temperaments. The quality and level of instruction they provide is one of the best out there!