Rules of Articulation

(Noorani Qa’idah)

In this level 1 program, students will build a strong foundation in Tajweed as they embark on their journey towards Quran mastery.

Course Information

The rules of articulation course is designed to help students build a solid foundation of the arabic language. The course will begin with learning the arabic alphabet. Next, students will be taught how to formulate basic arabic words. Finally, students will move on to advanced sentence formulations of the arabic language. Once this solid foundation is established, students are ready to commence their journey of quranic recitation.


Two 1-Hour Sessions Per Week

Level 1



Varies Per Student


$99 /Month

Course Objectives

Learn how to accurately pronounce arabic letters

Be able to recognize arabic alphabets

Formulate arabic words together

Learn how to implement Tajweed rules

Formulate basic to complex arabic sentences

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