Quran Memorization


In this level 3 program, students will have the ability to memorize the entire Quran as full-time school students.

Course Information

The quran memorization course is a program designed for full-time school, college students, and working adults. All students have different capabilities and levels of memorization. This is why we provide a custom plan tailored to each student’s needs. Students are given new lessons, homework, and assignments every week as they progress throughout this course. Classes will be conducted in a virtual classroom where students will learn and memorize the Quran together.



Level 2



Varies Per Student


$99 /Month

Course Objectives

Learn how to memorize the Quran

Learn different methodologies of memorization

Create a better relationship with the Quran

Recite the quran memorized with ease

Be able to recite from any part of the Quran

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