Quran Recitation


In this level 2 program, students will learn how to recite the Quran beautifully from beginning to end with proper Tajweed.

Course Information

The Quran Recitation course is designed to help students recite the Quran with fluency. The course will begin with reciting small surahs. Next, students will progress to reciting medium length surahs. Finally, students will move on to advanced surahs. Once fluency is mastered, students will qualify to enroll in level 3, the Quran Memorization course.


Two 1-Hour Sessions Per Week

Level 2



Varies Per Student


$99 /Month

Course Objectives

Master how to recite the quran with fluency

Cultivate a better relationship with the Quran

Learn how to recite with proper Tajweed

Learn how to implement Tajweed rules

Increase your love for the Quran

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