Quranic Mastery Program

Learn how to read, memorize, and recite the book of Allah (swt) beautifully from beginning to end with proper tajweed.

Course Information

Learning how to recite the word of Allah (S.W.T) with proper Tajweed is important. At Ihsan Learning Academy, we take students through a 3 level structured program from beginner to mastery teaching them the correct way of pronounciation without any errors. 
Students will work closely with qualified instructors using a custom portal and parents will be able to track their child’s progress. Upon completion of each level, students will be rewarded with an official certificate of completion.

Level 1

Rules of Articulation

The rules of articulation level is designed to help students build a solid foundation of the arabic language. The course will begin with learning the arabic alphabet. Next, students will be taught how to formulate basic arabic words. Finally, students will move on to advanced sentence formulations of the arabic language. Once this solid foundation is established, students are ready to commence their journey of quranic recitation.

Level 2

Quran Recitation

Learning how to recite the word of Allah (S.W.T) with proper recitation and tajweed is important. At Ihsan Learning Academy, we take students from the beginning to end teaching the correct way of pronounciation and recitation without any mistakes or errors. This course will help anybody who struggles with recitation of the quran in a proper manner. Our goal is to help students reach a proficient level of recitation in order to recite the Quran with confidence and fluency.

Level 3

Quran Memorization

The quran memorization course is a program designed for full-time school, college students, and working adults. All students have different capabilities and levels of memorization. This is why we provide a custom plan tailored to each student’s needs. Students are given new lessons, homework, and assignments every week as they progress throughout this course. Classes will be conducted in a virtual classroom where students will learn and memorize the Quran together.

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