Quran Revision

After memorization of the Quran, is crucial for students to preserve what they have learned by reciting to a teacher consistently.

Course Information

This course is designed for students who have already completed memorization of the holy quran (hifz) and are looking to maintain it. It is is crucial for students to preserve the sacred word of Allah SWT. Students will be given assignments and recite portions of the quran to their teacher every week. Students will also be given tips and taught different methodologies on how to keep their memorization (hifz) strong for the rest of their life.


TBD On Individual Basis




Varies Per Student


$99 /Month

Course Objectives

Learn different methodologies and ways to preserve your memorization of the Quran

Make your Quran (hifz) strong

Cultivate a better relationship with the Quran

Be able to recite the Quran memorized with ease

Have a strong grasp of the holy Quran

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